How Can I Start Making Great Money With Avon?

With all the new companies springing up selling everything from oils to leggings, women often forget about one of the earliest rewards programs that doubles as a career! Avon has been around for ages- in fact, you’ve probably skimmed a catalog as recently as the last few years, maybe even ordered a few items as gifts.

What makes Avon different, though, is that we know its products are tried and true. The company is dependable and trustworthy, and it’s made tons of women (and men) into their own bosses. It doesn’t take much to begin making money with Avon. Especially when you join with a super affordable starter kit.

These kits range from $25 to $100, so you pick the package that works for you. A small investment could equal a huge reward with Avon- and if nothing else, you’ve scored amazing products below cost!


Odds are, you know someone who loves beauty products, would enjoy free lipstick samples, and has heard of Avon and knows its reputation. In the digital age, ordering online has never been easier.

When you sign up with Avon, you receive your own eStore so family and friends can order any time. It’s vastly different than carrying a stack of catalogs and waiting for phone calls to fulfill orders, which experienced Avon representatives can confirm!

Even if you don’t think selling Avon is for you, it’s worth checking out their products. Visit my eStore right here to see how it works! You might be surprised to see what they carry after all these years, and looking at what’s available may offer ideas for gifting or inspire you to join me!

Have you ever thought about becoming an Avon representative? If not, what’s stopping you? Share with me in the comments below!

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